• "Love is my Religion, Music my Temple and Nature my Guru."

    Niko Ana Burkhardt
  • Previous to my session with Niko, I had limited exposure to EFT. I had heard about it in passing, but never really understood it. Within the first 5 minutes of the session, I started to realize how powerful of a tool it was! I am a huge advocate for personal development, so I have done a good amount of introspective thinking and behavioral modification on my own. However, my session with Niko opened my eyes to a whole new layer of self-discovery that I never even realized was a possibility. She helped me understand some of my own faulty belief patterns and then how to correct those in a way that was manageable in my own time and space. I noticed a difference in my ability to handle different stressful situations immediately after our session. The coolest part is, Niko is compassionate enough to give you resources that allow you to practice tapping at home, and make it a self help tool. Thank you Niko!

    Victoria Helle Office Manager
  • My work with Niko has changed my life. When I first heard about EFT, I was skeptical. Then on one particularly stressful day, I tried the program. Clarity instantly followed. I was able to see the situation at hand, rather than through an emotional lens, and make an informed decision about it.

    Since that time, I have enjoyed Niko’s VIP Coaching program and highly recommend it. I have come to look forward to our one on one sessions as a time I can reconcile what is happening in my life. She really has a knack for “getting it” and helps me navigate into action.

    The program has proven so helpful in my personal life, that I invited Niko to speak at my team meeting. Everyone got so much out of it and it served as a great team building event. I feel we will all work more effectively together as a result.

    I highly recommend Niko’s services to anyone looking to bring their life to the next level.

    Michelle Rae Sobi Owner, Edge Yoga School
  • I get asked over and over how I do this and that and what do I do for balance and centering. I do many things, but my weekly EFT/Tapping sessions by Skype with Niko Ana Burkhardt are SO SO incredibly rewarding that I can't recommend her enough to anyone looking for a sense of peace and wellness but need the nudge or direction of how to pull it out from within. She's a game changer. Are you ready?

    Lainie Sevante’ Wulkan Co-Founder | Cinder Cone Media, LLC Creator/Host | Zeta Global Radio Author I Finn’s Giant Leap President, Fem City ABQ | Lifetime Global Member
  • Niko Ana and Lucky Life are a gift. For me it is a gateway to find my inner potential. It helps me to be a better me in work and play. Her insights and wisdom in human relation and the psyche are fantastic and in-depth. I am thrilled to have this in my life to remind me that everything is possible when I hone in to the essential desires and focus on my strengths and positiveness. Thank you Niko.

    Anna Sen