I teach people how to transform their lives with Spiritual Wisdom.

I sing, I chant and I write music.

One of the ways I connect with the Divine is through composing music for meditation and chanting. I blend my background in music composition with healing and spirituality to create music for meditation and reflection. This is music composed with the specific intention to create space for a person to connect with their inner divinity and guidance.

There are many spiritual practices that lead to transformation and I share the ones that I have personal experience with. My true passion has always been to help people transform their lives so they experience more joy, happiness and fulfillment.

I’ve been in the field of personal spiritual development, holistic wellness, education and for 20 years and have certifications in Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique and Yoga.

Through my own journey I discovered Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, New Thought, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping and many more self development tools which have radically changed my life for the better. There are many teachers and mentors that have influenced my path such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Anita Moorjani, Joseph Murphey, David Hawkins to name a few.

I am pleased you visited my website and I hope to be of service to you on your journey.