Do You Make Your Own Luck?

This is a Lucky Cat.

I hear the word “luck” or “lucky” being used quite a bit in everyday language.

The luck of the draw……

Thank your lucky stars…..

Lady luck smiled on him…..

With that being said, this adorable little guy in the picture above is a Maneki Neko which is Japanese for Lucky Cat! I was first introduced to the Maneki Neko back in 1996 when a friend of mine brought me back one from Japan. I was enthralled with little gift as it was also a “kitty” bank. I just thought of it as a lucky cat until I was studying Buddhism at a temple in Hawaii where I lived at the time. My Sensei told me about the legend of the Maneki Neko as it has a spiritual connotation. 

The most common version of this legend is about a Buddhist temple in 17th century Japan that came to be known as Gotokuji. The temple priest was very poor and barely had enough food to feed himself but when a white stray cat came along, he took it in anyway. The cat was named Tama and lived with the priest while he toiled away in the declining temple. The priest was unconcerned about his financial situation as he had faith that he would be taken care of.

One day, there was a storm coming as the cat sat at the edge of the road where the temple entrance was. A Samurai lord and his men were riding by and looking for shelter from the storm. Tama sat up on his hind legs and put one paw in the air as to “beckon” the men to come with him to the temple. The Samurai followed and sought shelter at the temple that night.



To make a longer story shorter, the Samurai became a patron of the temple and it is still in existence today. In honor of the cat that beckoned the good luck, the priest made a small statue of him to place on his grave after he died. This story spread and soon villagers were making their own small statues of the cat and placing them in their homes and businesses in order to attract luck into their lives.

So a legend was born from this story and has traveled all over the world since the 17th century! The question to ask is, did the cat really bring this luck to the temple? If you study the law of attraction, you know that in order to attract the positive circumstances you want in your life, you must focus on those things you want. By doing this, you are creating a higher vibrational frequency rather than focusing on the lack of what you want.

The priest had faith that all would be taken care of and attracted these positive circumstances into his life via the cat! He was guided by his religious beliefs but you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to use the law of attraction. This concept passes no judgements and simply reflects your thoughts back to you in your life as “reality”.

I chose the name Lucky Life Now and my mascot, the Maneki Neko, for my coaching business because I believe that we make our own luck by choosing to pursue the life we want. Instead of waiting of life to deal us our cards or hoping our ship will come in, we can take control and change the things that are blocking us from achieving our goals.

So what are you waiting for? A star to fall? Do you believe you make your own luck? The only way to find out it to give it a chance. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You might fail? Believe me, failing at something is not nearly as painful as the regret that comes from never having the courage to try.

Love and Light,

Niko Ana Burkhardt

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