Yoga & Meditation

Mini Workshop for Yoga Meditation

May 6, 2018

10am – 11am

Fit and Fun in Cape Coral, FL

$10 per person (registration required)

This mini workshop will teach you how to blend gentle Hatha Yoga with Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation. The gentle flow of poses with attention to awareness of the body and thoughts leads the participant into spacious awareness where stress cannot live. Renew you body and mind with this intentional technique. Don’t worry, no meditation experience required! All levels welcome.

Niko Ana Burkhardt has been working in the field of holistic wellness and personal development for over 20 years. She is a Composer, Author, Speaker, Dharma Sensei, Certified Yoga Instructor, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner. She teaches others how to use Spiritual Wisdom to transform their lives.

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