Stress is Sabotaging Your Life

We all talk about stress daily. The news is full of headlines about stress becoming an epidemic or being the leading cause of certain diseases. We have come to accept that stress is a reality in our modern world. Some of us even wear it as a badge of honor and feel that without it, we would not be doing enough. People believe that without feeling panicked, they won’t be able to get everything on their to do list accomplished. Many of us see ourselves as efficient multi- taskers who produce very well under stress.

This is the truth….. all that is a lie. Stress is an addiction and it is sabotaging our lives. 

Here’s why.

You might think you’re effective under pressure but the brain does not work that way. Scientific studies show that we are less efficient and less effective when we multi task. In addition, when we feel stress our amygdala (the primal brain) is activated and responds in the same way as did our ancestors brain when they were being chased by a tiger! It stimulates the adrenals to produce cortisol and routes all energy to blood flow to the extremities while shutting down energy to non essential systems like higher brain functions, immune system, digestion and more.

I think you are getting the idea here, right?! When we are stressed by and worry about non-life threatening events in our life such as arguing with our spouse or the threat of getting fired, our brain can’t tell the difference between that and a tiger! This is because on a deeper level, we feel threatened by the possibility of having no job or getting divorced and this is a threat to our survival on some level. Even if the threat is not real, our brain will still respond to it if we think about it as a possible future event.

Ok, so you’re convinced, right? But what do I do about it? I need my stress. If I let go of it, bad things might happen. If I’m not worrying about the future, it might now work out. It would be lazy not to worry.

Do any of these beliefs sound familiar? They should. You can thank your old friend, the amygdala again! Once more, science shows that the negative thinking that creates worry comes from a primal survival instinct that kept us alive in the days when we were prey to larger animals. If you walked by a bush and were not thinking, “there could be a tiger in that bush waiting to eat me”, you probably would be eaten! If you weren’t primed to run at the slightest sign of danger, you were toast. You could say that our negative thinking is akin to always expecting the tiger to jump out of the bush.

Nowadays, the tiger is that deal falling through or your boss not giving you a raise. We are wired to wait for the “other shoe to drop”.

So now you can stop being so hard on yourself for being so negative. It’s genetic!

The good news is we can change. It’s called neurology and it is elastic. This means it can be re-written. Really! Sound to good to be true?

Well, I am here to tell you it is TRUE! It takes some work and commitment just like anything worth having in life, however there are tools that can help us get there faster.

In my coaching practice, I assist clients in finding success in their lives. Success can mean different things for different people. Many of us hear the word success and picture someone in a mansion by the ocean with 10 cars in their garage and an Olympic size swimming pool. We tend to equate success with wealth and while that is a part of success, there are many levels that have to come before that. To some people, success can mean creating a goal to finish a degree and simply starting the registration process. This is a level of success because in order to get the degree, you have to sign up for classes first.

What keeps one person from signing up while the other hesitates? It all comes back to stress. The stress of negative feelings and beliefs that may come up for someone considering going back to school could be quite paralyzing. “I’m not smart enough……I can’t abandon my family obligations……. what if I spend the money and can’t pass?” All these worries cause the stress response and therefore shuts down the brains ability for higher reasoning, creativity and problem solving.

With techniques like Tapping also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), we can directly and quickly access our neurology and clear out old stress and limiting beliefs that hold us back from taking even the most simple step towards our goals and dreams. This technique is easy to learn and use and has a proven track record of helping millions of people resolve issues, release pain, let go of anxiety and so much more.

I use tapping in my coaching practice because it WORKS and gets results much faster than simply trying to push through with will power. Clients can use it to release stress and pattern something they DO want in their lives instead of re-living the same old tapes day in and day out.

So If you are tired of feeling stressed, hopeless and unfulfilled; just know that there is a way out and many others have done this including myself.

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