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One of the tools I use to help people transform their lives is the Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping.

I offer a FREE course on EFT/Tapping on my Teachable website,

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Read below to learn a little more about it and how tapping changed my life radically!

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT is a form of emotional acupressure that uses a gentle tapping technique to activate traditional Chinese acupuncture points. The tapping on the points of the face and body is combined with verbalizing the identified issue followed by a general affirmation phrase. This balances the energy system and appears to relieve psychological and emotional stress as well as physical pain. By bringing the energy system back into balance, the body-mind-spirit can resume its’ natural healing abilities. EFT is simple to learn and use, safe and non-invasive.


Tools and techniques, such as Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping are not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Consult with your doctor if there are questions about physical health. By participating in and utilizing any resource on this website, you agree to take full responsibility for your well-being and health. 

My personal EFT story:

I will share with you my personal experience working with EFT and how it transformed my life. I had suffered from an anxiety disorder for my entire life. It was only diagnosed in 2011, however, I had been having panic attacks, insomnia, and anxiety since I was a child. When these attacks became frequent and severe enough to cause me to think I was having heart attacks, I went to the doctor. I was given drugs and told to exercise more. The drugs made me feel worse then the panic attacks so I took it upon myself to pursue every known holistic remedy I could find. I went to counseling, did special Yoga and breathing exercises, bought essential oils, meditated, prayed, received energy medicine treatments and massage. All these efforts yielded limited success in ridding me of the debilitating attacks.

One day I got an email that said something like, “are you stressed about finances?” I felt compelled to open it and found it was from the Tapping Solution and there was a free video from Nick Ortner. I had heard of Tapping before and did not know it by its original name, Emotional Freedom Technique. I remember someone mentioning it to me a few years back and claimed it could get rid of phobias almost instantly. I also remember thinking, “It can’t be that easy!” That is a limiting belief, by the way. I had a story that healing and personal development should be painful and a struggle and guess what; for me it always was!

To make a long story shorter, I opened that video and tapped with Nick. To my surprise, a few seconds into the tapping I was crying and having an emotional release. I felt something I had never experienced before and realized that it was the ABSENCE of anxiety. It was phenomenal! I bought a 7-week course from the tapping solution and embarked on an obsessive tapping rampage! I tapped every moment my hands were free. I tapped in the car, the shower and so forth. I had never had relief like that before.

It changed the way I looked at life. I got a private EFT coach after that and continued to go deeper. My life has not been the same since then and with the absence of debilitating anxiety, I have been able to FINALLY follow my divine purpose with trust and gratitude. I became a Certified EFT Practitioner so I could teach others how to use this powerful tool.

I continue to use EFT every day and apply it to any situation in life where there is stress, a block, a question about how to proceed or any limiting belief that is not in alignment with what I say I want!